Last month we announced our #MakingPeopleBetter campaign in line with the Marginal Gains theory made famous by British Cycling Performance Director, Sir David Brailsford. This involves making small changes to improve by 1% each day, with these small changes eventually meaning you will be 37-times better by the end of the year!

Interested in how we strive to strike the perfect balance between work and life for our consultants?

As an agency we put our heart and soul into ensuring our consultants are as looked after as possible and their health and well-being is put at the forefront of our business.

Did you know that there’s a positive correlation between wellbeing and workplace performance?

For us, one of our main ambitions as a company is to nurture a workplace where employees excel both professionally and personally. We’re passionate about facilitating this in a multitude of ways and therefore offer an abundance of options for consultants to take advantage of, be that coming in at 7am or 10am with our flexible working hours or working from home!

We are proud recipients of the coveted ‘Investor in People’ Award for our dedication to our staff and continually reward the team with perks such as Lunch and Breakfast Clubs for Top Performers, the freedom to wear business casual dress, Christmas awards and party as well as birthday celebrations! Alongside the aforementioned, we also incentivise the team to excel and work hard throughout the year which is rewarded with international trips abroad.

It isn’t only parties and a great office environment we offer our incredible consultants, we’re also truly committed to prioritising staff well-being ensuring that the team are as healthy as possible; we offer a gym subsidiary to all of our employees alongside team gym classes and 4 well-being afternoons off per year.

Our 100% staff retention rate – which is seemingly unheard of within the recruitment industry – is again something that we’re incredibly proud of as an agency. Statistics show that employees who feel they are not adequately recognised are twice as likely to leave, so for us, we’re laser-focused on delivering everyone a clear progression structure with achievable targets and encouragement along the way to ensure every single member of the team feels valued.

Finally, for us, having fun is key! We steer away from the traditional, corporate style of recruitment and inject some energy into the office. As well as a decline in productivity, mental health issues can cause employees to take on average 27 days of work per year, so again it’s essential that we curate and create a consistently aspirational, supportive and fun working environment.

To realise the aforementioned, we host regular sales days and target hitting incentives! Recently our very own Emma Crayfourd and Astra Rogerson opened the doors to ‘Crayson’s Casino’ where we had 2 teams go head-to-head on one of our most exciting and productive sales days ever! This day not only focused on increasing activity but really brought the team together as everyone threw themselves into quizzes, card games, treasure hunts and cocktail making which brightened up our work week and fortified the relationships across our team.

Continually evolving and improving White Label’s Work Life Way remains at the forefront of our priorities; we’re committed to and more passionate than ever about developing what we believe is a market-leading recruitment culture.