Want to create your own ‘White Label’ bespoke recruitment plan, look no further….

The process below is a framework which we adapt once we have met our clients to discuss in person.


1. Need analysis

  • Face to Face meeting client meeting
  • In-depth job specification & qualification – drilling down on client needs including technical skills, soft skills, experience and cultural requirements
  • Consultative advice on the market including lead times, candidate availability and salary
  • Agree on screening process
  • Create bespoke White Label Project Plan

2. Source candidates

  • Contact bespoke White Label database, 80,000 live candidates
  • Place adverts across 10+ industry specific websites
  • Networking, market mapping & headhunting to source passive candidates
  • Direct marketing

3. Candidate selection process

  • In Depth competency based interview – 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Meeting where possible
  • Consultative advice on the market including lead times, candidate availability and salary
  • Suitability screening – assess candidates suitability, motivations and commitment to the role
  • Reference check

4. Progress reports

  • Regular PDF progress reports to help you understand the work we have done, in what areas, number of adverts posted and market response to the opportunity

5. Interviews

  • Consultative preparation of client and candidate
  • Comprehensive candidate PDF feedback form

6. Offer of employment

  • Comprehensive management of candidate expectations
  • Establish candidates real need and salary expectations
  • Established negotiation methods

7. Placement & after-placement

  • Management of legalities
  • Candidate identification and work permit status check
  • Removal of candidate CV from jobsites and cancellations of any other interview processes
  • After placement client & candidate meeting

8. Advanced profiling

  • Now that we understand your needs, we are able to start building a portfolio of candidates suitable for your business in a variety of different areas, in the event of any future needs