White Label have a strong focus on supplying Contractor and Interim solutions to our clients in all the industries mentioned in our website. As a company we are committed to ensuring your contract runs with ease.

Here are a few guidelines to ensure you get paid on time and accurately.


    Submission of Timesheets / Invoices

    Umbrella Company Contractors

    Hours are required to be registered weekly online via our online timesheet portal. Hours must be registered and APPROVED by the client by Monday 12pm.

    Your online login will be sent via email upon registration.

    Once you have submitted your hours online, you must inform your umbrella company account manager of your total hours worked. Most umbrella companies will require you to complete their timesheet. It is vital you do this and inform your umbrella company of your hours worked, it will be a requirement of the umbrella company to raise an invoice which will be sent to White Label.

    Once we receive the invoice from your umbrella company the payment will be made via BACS (3 working days) and will be in your umbrella companies account by the following Friday.

    Delay in providing fully authorised timesheets online may result in late payment being made to your Umbrella provider. We work hard to ensure we can pay in circumstances beyond your control but cannot guarantee payment if we receive late timesheets.

    Limited Company Contractors

    Hours are required to be registered weekly online via our online timesheet portal. Hours must be registered and APPROVED by the client by Monday 12pm.

    Your online login will be sent via email upon registration.

    Weekly/Monthly payment dates are detailed below in the schedule table, payment will be made via BACS (3 working days) and will be in your account on the following Friday.

    The Timesheet Portal we use is a self billing portal and a self bill invoice and remittance will be generated and sent to you on a weekly basis.  You do not need to submit an invoice to us in order to be paid.

    Please email any queries to our Payroll Department at admin@whitelabelrecruitment.co.uk

    Should you require additional information, contact our Payroll Department- Louise Blacklock, on 0161 237 3157 we are always on hand to help. Office hours 8-6pm Monday to Friday.


    Please advise your consultant when you intend to take holiday(s), this is for administration purposes only so we can ensure the client is aware.

    Notice periods

    To be agreed with your consultant.

    Documents Required for Limited Company Contractors

    • If you are not working through an umbrella company we will also require a copy of your Limited Company Certificate of Incorporation, VAT Registration Certificate (if applicable) and your Limited Company Bank Details.
    • We also require a copy of your Identification to be kept on record

    If you are unable to produce any of the above your contract start date may be delayed


    Umbrella Company Contractors

    To work through an Umbrella company, please see below the following companies we have arrangements with:

    Umbrella Limited- www.umbrella.co.uk
    Giant Group- www.giantgroup.com
    Brookson- www.brookson.co.uk
    Paystream- www.paystream.co.uk

    All of the above companies are in contract with White Label & full compliance and insurance checks have been completed.


    1st Time Contractors

    White Label can guide you through taking on your 1st contract role, it can feel daunting but the process handled correctly by us is very simple.

    Please contact our office on 0161 237 3157 in the 1st instance for free advice and guidance.

    White Labels Contractor Payment Schedule 2019

    The below entries are based on either a weekly or monthly system, please take note of the timesheet deadlines specified. Please ensure all hours are registered & authorised by your manager by the correct time/date in order to ensure no delays in payment.

    White Label will assist in chasing timesheet authorisations via an email service.

    Monthly Payments

    Invoice Received no later than: Payment sent via Bacs transfer:
    Saturday 26th January  2019 Tuesday 29th January 2019
    Saturday 23rd February 2019 Tuesday 26th February 2019
    Saturday 30th March 2019 Tuesday 2 April 2019
    Saturday 27th April 2019 Tuesday 30th April 2019
    Saturday 25th May 2019 Tuesday 28th May 2019
    Saturday 29th June 2019 Tuesday 2nd July 2019
    Saturday 27th July 2019 Tuesday 30th July 2019
    Saturday 31st August 2019 Tuesday 3rd September 2019
    Saturday 28th September 2019 Tuesday 1st October 2019
    Saturday 26th October 2019 Tuesday 29th October 2019
    Saturday 30th November 2019 Tuesday 3rd December 2019
    Saturday 14th December 2019 Tuesday 17th December 2019

    Weekly Payments

    Timesheet Approved no later than: Payment sent via Bacs transfer:
    Monday 7th January Tuesday 8th January
    Monday 14th January Tuesday 15th January
    Monday 21st January Tuesday 22nd January
    Monday 28th January Tuesday 29th January
    Monday 4th February Tuesday 5th February
    Monday 11th February Tuesday 12th February
    Monday 18th February Tuesday 19th February
    Monday 25th February Tuesday 26th February
    Monday 4th March Tuesday 5th March
    Monday 11th March Tuesday 12th March
    Monday 18th March Tuesday 19th March
    Monday 25th March Tuesday 26th March
    Monday 1st April Tuesday 2nd April
    Monday 8th April Tuesday 9th April
    Monday 15th April Tuesday 16th April
    Monday 22nd April Tuesday 23rd April
    Monday 29th April Tuesday 30th April
    Monday 6th May Tuesday 7th May
    Monday 13th May Tuesday 14th May
    Monday 20th May Tuesday 21st May
    Monday 27th May Tuesday 28th May
    Monday 3rd June Tuesday 4th June
    Monday 10th June Tuesday 11th June
    Monday 17th June Tuesday 18th June
    Monday 24th June Tuesday 25th June
    Monday 1st July Tuesday 2nd July
    Monday 8th July Tuesday 9th July
    Monday 15th July Tuesday 16th July
    Monday 22nd July Tuesday 23rd July
    Monday 29th July Tuesday 30th July
    Monday 5th August Tuesday 6th August
    Monday 12th August Tuesday 13th August
    Monday 19th August Tuesday 20th August
    Monday 26th August Tuesday 27th August
    Monday 2nd September Tuesday 3rd September
    Monday 9th September Tuesday 10th September
    Monday 16th September Tuesday 17th September
    Monday 23rd September Tuesday 24th September
    Monday 30th September Tuesday 1st October
    Monday 7th October Tuesday 8th October
    Monday 14th October Tuesday 15th October
    Monday 21st October Tuesday 22nd October
    Monday 28th October Tuesday 39th October
    Monday 4th November Tuesday 5th November
    Monday 11th November Tuesday 12th November
    Monday 18th November Tuesday 19th November
    Monday 25th November Tuesday 26th November
    Monday 2nd December Tuesday 3rd December
    Monday 9th December Tuesday 10th December
    Monday 16th December Tuesday 17th December