Why White Label?

White Label is a term used in products and services ‘to make some thing your own’

What does this mean to our clients?
Our clients use our consultant’s skills and knowledge to create a partnership, process and recruitment plan bespoke to their needs. This works so well, it is almost like we work directly for our clients when recruiting for their company, and so become the chosen recruitment partner for technical staff positions.

Why are we different to other specialist agencies?
How many times does your agency call managers they are not supposed to, chase for feedback you don’t have yet, cause you more work than necessary, bombard with irrelevant cv’s, call, call and call until you can’t ignore it any more… this is because they follow a set process in their company and cannot deviate away from that. White Label is different – we get to know you and create a recruitment plan with each unique client that works for US BOTH!

White Label USP’s

          • We create a bespoke process for each client and follow it
          • We respect your internal process and terms for your recruitment needs
          • We follow a customer service structure we are proud of

The above always results in successful stress free placements, repeat business and more importantly our clients value and trust us.



Our office is professional and bursting with enviable personalities. We enjoy getting to know our clients and candidates. We can be described as very personable and reliable, act with integrity and most importantly we create relationships that are solid and long lasting. Very quickly we can become someone you will enjoy working with when you have a new recruitment need.

Knowledge & Skills

We demonstrate a solid understanding of the industries we work within and are confident in our technical ability, liaising with clients about the key positions they are faced with recruiting for. We will ask questions and research ourselves if we do not understand a job specification, after all we are not engineers so we endeavor to come on-site to see your products, allowing us to become experts in our field.

Customer Service

We are a reputable agency and we deliver on our promises. Every vacancy, client and process is different BUT our customer service doesn’t change. Our dedication to this is the reason that 65% of our client base is from repeat business. How we deliver excellent customer service:

        • We speak in person as much as you need and refrain from impersonal emails
        • We meet our clients
        • We call and explain why we are presenting a candidate for your position
        • Provide up to date progress report that explains how your role is progressing
        • Give honest and constructive feedback about the role and process from the candidates
        • Post interview detailed feedback forms from our candidates
        • Provide an end of project report once the vacancy is filled
        • After placement meeting to discuss future business and to give face to face feedback
        • Ongoing keep in touch calls
        • Advance profiling – we keep an eye on the market for specific skills for your next recruit!
        • FOC Salary surveys for key clients